3D Laser Scanning – Converge Engineering works to provide our clients with robust easy to use data from our scanning services to help minimize costly field errors and assist in proper project planning and documentation. Understanding existing conditions and having the ability to virtually visualize and quantify proves to be extremely advantageous for engineers, real estate developers, contractors,  and plant operators. With spatial data at your disposal better decisions, planning, and collaborations can happen on all levels of a project.

Conveyor Manufacturing – Many offer standardized off the shelf conveyors. Converge Engineering designs and builds conveyors to meet our customer’s exact needs. Poorly designed or wrong application chosen conveyors can result in costly downtime, frequent jams, and repairs. With our unique designs based on our years as an operator, we can provide dependable conveyors with full consideration for spillage, tracking, longevity, and performance which ultimately help keep costs down. Using CEMA standard parts we build to high standards and use parts easy to source. If you already have a 2D or 3D drawing of a conveyor, we can build it! We can design and draft a conveyor per specification to what you need.

  • Slider bed
  • Trough idler
  • Steel apron
  • Roller chain
  • Sorting conveyors
  • Feed conveyors

Plant Layout and Design – Converge Engineering’s staff have been operators, maintenance supervisors, and plant managers in many large industrial and commercial recycling plants. That means when we help you with facility layout planning it comes from years of experience as an operator. Many of our staff have been trained in Lean and Six Sigma and understand product, employee, and mobile equipment flows through a facility and how best to maximize them. Final plant layout will be designed to fit within your space without compromising productivity. The Converge Engineering team will produce professional, easy to read custom blueprints of your unique facility design. We handle all state and federal permitting requirements.

Remote Monitoring Systems – With various sensors we can monitor belt tracking, throughput, torque, loading, machine availability, among other feedback options to put operational control in the palm of your hands. Our proprietary software gives you the feedback you need to operate your system more effectively to avoid costly downtime.

System Integration – As part of our complete integration solution, our role and responsibilities commonly involve mechanical engineering and fabrication, electrical and control system design and engineering, electrical equipment manufacturing, system fabrication, PLC programing, SCADA system development, software configuration, documentation, field testing, calibration, start-up and commissioning and operator instruction and personnel training.

UL508A Control Panel Building – Converge Engineering has experienced technicians that will help turn the design into reality. We use only use UL, cUL, CSA and CE certified parts and components to ensure a safe and high functioning industrial control panels. We will design an actual physical representation of the components so that they can be comfortably wired and laid out within the panel and adhere to all UL508A standards. This helps expedite production and ensure and accurate and efficient layout within panels. Not only does this improve the appearance of panels it helps with maintenance. All of our panels will come with full schematic sets and pull schedules to help integrate them.