Infrared Rip Detectors – Identify rips and tears before they cause critical downtime. We provide a durable enclosed infrared sensor with catch tray that can identify material leaks that would indicate a tear in the belt. Sensor enclosure comes equipped with a wash cycle to clean the lens of the sensor.

BTR Rip and Tear Detectors – Mechanical rotary switch on two arms quickly indicates belt tears and shuts down the belt. Integrated delay to avoid incidental contact.

Belt Misalignment Detectors – Shut your conveyor down before its too late and damage has been done with misalignment detectors. Using two upright arms and a rotary switch will detect significant change in a belts lateral movement. Mechanical delays used to distinguish between incidental misalignment.

Return Belt Misalignment Detectors – For use on the return side of the belt this detector works when the belt makes contact with either two downcast arms.

Blocked Chute Detector – Utilizing a tilt switch set to 15 degrees this simple to used design is easy to install and economical to implement. Polyurethane construction, encapsulated probe, adjustable timer, corrosion resistant.

OSU Belt Off Speed Monitor – Mounted under the troughing belt this roller will identify any wrongful speeds of the belt.

Audio/Visual Pre-Start Alarms – Promote safety throughout your plant with AVA alarms that signal prior to operation. Each unit is placed in UV stabilized enclosure with IP 65 degrees of protection. Consists of one buzzer at 105 dB and a flashing strobe.

Rotary Switch with Trip Light – Allow employees to stop equipment when they see something wrong. Features two normally open and two normally closed contacts. Visible light indicator to make easier to identify tripped switch.

Head End Control Unit – Control all of your safety and conveyor sensors together with this easy to use programmable logic controller. Touch screen identifies faults as they arise and isolates problems minimizing downtime.

EMT Metal Detectors – at 5 percent sensitivity level and tuned to ignore conductive or magnetic ores. Lightweight construction allows for easy installation and assembly.

Metal Detectors – at 10 percent sensitivity level these metal detectors can be used to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals being conveyed. Adjustable up to 23.5″ and for conveyor widths up to 48″.