Metal & Scrap Recycling

Heavy Duty – We offer more than 50 types of the heavy-duty black rubber belting which can provide adequate abrasion resistance and flex life. Our belts can provide oil and high heat resistance as well as flame resistant compounds.

Straight Warp – Consisting of a specially designed single-ply carcass construction, this style is the superior belt for the toughest applications. Low-stretch, impact-resistant, high-strength while resisting tears and gouging. Ideal for scrap metal recycling, mining applications, magnetic separators, bucket elevators, discharge from primary crushers.


• Magnetic separator belts with stainless steel lacing
• Rubber with hot vulcanized cleats
• Eddy current separator belts with vulcanized polyurethane corrugated sidewalls
• Urethane separator belts for tough abrasion resistant applications
• Armor-clad separator belts with stainless steel plates for long running harsh environments

Common Cleated Belt Profiles:

• PVC-200 black crescent top
• Hot vulacanized “beefy” cleats
• Cleat-top
• Mini Cleat-top
• Multi-chev
• Chevron

Cover Compounds:

• Standard – high tensile strength with abrasion and cut resistance, long life at economical cost
• Grade 1 – Premium cut and gouge resistance. Glass, rock, sharp metals, and granite applications
• MOR – Moderate oil resistance for light oil exposure
• Flame Resistant – Ideal for fire resistant applications such as power plants and grain
• Super oil resistant – Special compound for fats and petroleum oils
• Hot asphalt – applications where both oil and heat are present
• High heat resistance – Cover protection from lump material up to 400ºF
• Premium heat resistant – Cover protection from lump material up to 700 ºF

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