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ProTurn Belts are custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific application. With chain guide, urethane guide, or bearing guide offered we match your existing setup with great precision. We offer all common angle turns along with spiral lifts from 15-750 degrees.

Chain Guide Belts – As one of the most common power turn belts chain guides are dependable and durable. We offer carbon steel chain guides for common applications but also can offer food grade or wash-down chains that are nickel plated with stainless steel rivets and washers.

Urethane Guide Belts – Double stitched single extrusion urethane guides lightweight, durable, and required less labor than with adhesives. This style of guide allows for replacement if ever worn or damaged offering an extra advantage to the design.

Bearing Guide Belts – Bearing guides are perfect for high speed or high load applications. We offer various bearings and rollers to match your specific conveyor.

In Stock:

  • 3/4″ white nylon step bushing
  • 7/8″ steel
  • 1″ white nylon covered
  • 1 3/8″ white nylon covered
  • 1 1/2″ black nylon covered

We also offer:

  • Angle merge belts
  • Merge table replacement belts
  • Diverter arm belts
  • Plastic and steel chain
  • Modular belting
  • Return components
  • Curves
  • Rollers and guides