Primary Belt Cleaners

Channel Mount Primary Cleaner – With a channel mounted and reinforced frame this primary scraper allows for easy blade replacement.

Primary Cleaner – Polyurethane blade provides great material removal while being safe for mechanical splices. 18″ – 120″ widths available.

Max Primary Cleaner – Providing more strength this belt scraper is more robust and durable than other primary cleaners. Available with single or dual tensioners.

Super Primary Cleaner – For stubborn carryback on large belts this cleaner provides a solution for large applications. With an oversized blade this cleaner is used for 30″ head pulleys or larger.

Dual Primary Cleaner – If you’re in need of additional cleaning utilize dual primary cleaners for extra defense against carryback.

Mini Primary Cleaner – For small applications from 18″ to 48″ this blade offers the performance in a lower profile configuration.