Meter Feeding With Steel Apron Creep Feeders

Meter Feeding With Steel Apron Creep Feeders

Is your downstream separation or shredder being overburdened? Utilizing short, slow feeding conveyors at the beginning of a process can assist in managing the material flow throughout your process. By installing these conveyors with heavy duty steel apron belting they can be bulk loaded with hot, abrasive, or difficult materials to create a buffer between two pieces of equipment. The high torque gearmotor, in association with variable frequency drives, slowly meters the material into the next process. This gives operators more control and the ability to spread out material prior to shredders, separating magnets, sorting equipment, or picking stations.


  • Added process control
  • Burden depth control
  • Durable design
  • Increased bulk loading / tipping

Available Sizes:

  • 2 ½” Pitch
  • 4” Pitch
  • 6” Pitch
  • 9” Pitch

Options include:

  • Cleats/flights
  • Impact pads
  • Top protection plates
  • Winged sidebars
  • Leak-proof style