Take-Up Frames

Narrow Slot – For economical and tight space applications these light duty take up frames are low profile and can be side mounted to the conveyor frame. 6″ – 18″ of travel available.

Wide Slot Standard Duty – These take-up frames are more versatile for various applications. Low profile and side mounted allow ease of use in tight spaces. 1.5″ – 30″ of travel available.

Wide Slot Heavy Duty – Reinforced side plate for more aggressive applications. Same benefits of profile as standard duty but with more available loading. 1.5″ – 30″ travel available.

Telescoping – Used to cantilever the pulley out from the conveyor frame these take up frames provide bearing movement without exposing the driving threads. These signature take ups also feature an indicator pin so you know exactly how much take up is available in either direction.

Heavy Duty Protected Screw – With a rugged design these take ups provide a protective shielding around the threads to keep debris away as well as protect from damage. This type of assembly allows for top mounting with pillow block bearings.