We provide various idlers that exceed CEMA ratings to ensure longevity to your conveyance systems. Our products are offered in CEMA B, C, D, and E to meet your specific application. Call us today to have an expert assist you!

Equal Troughing – CEMA rated idlers ideal for conveying large loads of aggregate composition.

Impact Idlers РDesigned for loading zones these idlers are specially designed to cushion impact and protect the life of your belt.

Self Aligning – For troublesome applications these idlers assist in keep the belt centered and on track.

Unequal Trough – Sorting, separation, and other applications that require a lower profile a unequal trough will help without allowing spillage.

Channel Mount – For tight situations with limited clearance channel mount idlers are a great solution. These idlers mount to the inside of the conveyor frame.

Flat Carrier – Ideal for picking conveyors these idlers support material but allow for a flat belting surface.

Live Shaft – Used with bearings these rubber disc rollers can provide extra loading capacity in certain areas.

Return Idlers – Flat drum or disc rollers available. Various mounting brackets available to meet your specific needs.