As one of the most critical pieces of the equipment in any process, the engineering of conveyors can often time being overlooked. Proper design considerations that meet the specific need of a process must be made prior to implementing.

The Converge Engineering team has over 17 years in designing, drafting, and fabricating conveyors of all sizes and configurations for multiple industries. The team has built over 100+ conveyors from flat slider bed, trough idler, or steel apron belts for industrial facilities. We manufacture top of the line material handling conveyors to make your process more efficient and reliable. Custom conveyor design per the customer’s direction is welcome. Our designs consider maintenance access on belly pans, cleaners and wipers, winged pulleys, mining duty components, straight inclined, roll back, or S- conveyor configurations. We provide the latest CEMA calculations for horsepower and component sizing so you aren’t left with an undersized or underperforming conveyor. Our electrical team can offer assistance in electrical controls and system integration including Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to control the speed of the conveyor, pull cable E-stops for safety precautions, and sensor feedback for rotation.

Many offer standardized off the shelf conveyors. Converge Engineering designs and builds conveyors to meet our customer’s exact needs. Poorly designed or wrong application chosen conveyors can result in costly downtime, frequent jams, and repairs. With our unique designs based on our years as an operator, we can provide dependable conveyors with full consideration for spillage, tracking, longevity, and performance which ultimately help keep costs down. Using CEMA standard parts we build to high standards and use parts easy to source. If you already have a 2D or 3D drawing of a conveyor, we can build it! We can design and draft a conveyor per specification to what you need.


  • Slider bed
  • Trough idler
  • Steel apron
  • Roller chain
  • Sorting conveyors
  • Feed conveyors

Trough Idler – Designed to CEMA standards our trough idler conveyors are build to hold up to the abuse. With various drive configurations, belt scrapers, troughing angles, and covers we can provide you with a the custom conveyor that works in your environment.

Sliderbed – The most simple but versatile conveyor, sliderbed style can be customized to any material conveyance. We can develop a slight troughing style sliderbed to assist in containment while adding skirtboarding to ensure a good seal.

Box Wall – Commonly used for loading and infeed applications these conveyors can be manufactured at various angles to meter the material feeding process and minimize downstream surges.